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Conveyor Magazine is currently seeking photographic work for Issue No. 6. In this issue, we delve into the subject of alchemy as a method of transmutation, an intricate system of codes and rituals, and a precursor to modern science.
Even at its origin two thousand years ago in Greco-Roman Egypt, the art of alchemy encompassed far more than the pursuit of chrysopoeia—to transform into gold. Across history, alchemists in every corner sought to enhance their understanding of and mastery over the natural and spiritual realms. Incorporating seemingly disparate realms of human knowledge, alchemy flourished as an investigation into the unity of ideas. In pursuit of the Philosophers Stone, alchemists both ancient and modern have sought to uncover the hidden connections which unify the intellectual, the spiritual, and the physical; to transform nature, master matter, and live forever.
Deadline for Submissions:May 15th, 2014 at Midnight PST
Apply Here:

Strange Paradise Charlie RubinConveyor Editions, 201429x25cm60 pagesDigital Offset Perfect Bound w/Tape Embellishment & Foil Stamp on Linen cover Edition of 750
Sara Cwynar, featured on the cover of Conveyor Magazine Issue No. 5, has an exhibition opening tonight at Foxy Production. If you are in NYC tonight definitely stop by… 
FOXY PRODUCTION623 W 27th Street, New York, NY 10001
Sara Cwynar assembles images from objects and found photographs that court feelings of time passing. Using collage and re-photography, she produces composite images that call to mind old magazine advertisements, postcards, or catalogs.
Cwynar is interested in dated commercial images; in the failure, with time, of their visual trickery; in the waning of their seductive powers. Her works highlight how the once familiar becomes foreign; how the fetishized object can lose its luster; how glamour can fade.
Flat Death combines sculptural constructions that are photographed, printed, tiled, and re-photographed, together with images from darkroom manuals that are decomposed using a scanner. Cwynar’s process is circular; she starts and finishes with a photograph, after a journey of intervention and manipulation that ultimately disrupts the smooth surface and the perspective of the stock image.
Like a reel of film frames, a row of prints line two walls, while two large floral still life works hang on adjacent walls. Together, the works impart an uncanny sense of a lost world of images that Cwynar has collected and recalibrated to present as evidence that images never die, they just float somewhere between the traditional realm of the analog and the Internet, or between complex emotional attachments and kitsch.
Sara Cwynar (Vancouver, Canada, 1985) lives and works in New York City. She holds a Bachelor of Design from York University, Toronto. Exhibitions include: Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia (solo); Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas; Higher Pictures, New York (all 2014); Foxy Production, New York; Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto (solo); Foam Photography Museum, Amsterdam (solo)(all 2013); Ed Varie, New York; Talk to Me, Museum of Modern Art, New York (group project) (all 2012); Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto; and Neubacher Shor Contemporary, Toronto (both 2011). She has recently released Kitsch Encyclopedia, a book about the relationship between images and kitsch
Conveyor Editions is delighted to announce the official launch and book signing of Strange Paradise by Charlie Rubin at Printed Matter on Thursday, April 10th from 6 - 8PM.

In conjunction with the launch of Strange Paradise, Rubin will present a window installation at Printed Matter reflecting the ideas and aesthetic of his new publication. Composed of varied materials, including photographic prints, newsprint posters, window paint, found objects, and other ephemera referenced in the book, the installation is a layered, composite work that offers a complex and shifting experience as people walk by.

Come by PPAC Art Book Fair today from 12-6pm and tomorrow same time to see all the great book vendors and programing that PPAc is hosting. We have a bunch of new books, interleaves and other surprises for you to check out!

Come visit us at the PPAC Book Fair today, the Crane Arts building is cozy and full of books and lovely publishers. Charlie Rubin will also be by signing copies of Strange Paradise from 3 - 6pm at our table! Don’t miss it…
Spread from Andrey Bogush’s book ( Yellow ) as part of the Visible Spectrum series… 
Spread from Conveyor Magazine, Issue No. 5 - by Jeremy Haik
The ChartExcerpt FromOr, Some of the Whale Excerpt From Moby Dick
Or, Some of the Whale by Joy Drury Cox
36 Pages Single Impression on Mohawk Superfine Hand Sewn Booklet
First Edition of 125Published by Conveyor Editions 
$15.00 // Copies Available Here
Working on some notes for a lecture at the PPAC Book Fair next weekend on our new publication series Visible Spectrum. Here is a sneak peek at one of Robert Canali’s spreads for his zine which responds to the color Green!
Paper Jam on the Indigo while printing the last copies of Bryan Graf’s Wildlife Analysis! 

Indigo Paper Jam #2
We <3 Andrey Bogush