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ARC Magazine has just published its 5th issue. ARC is a non-profit, independent bi-annual periodical launched in January of 201 by wunderkind Holly Bynoe to offer a platform for photographers and other visual artists and writers engaged in contemporary practices occurring in the Caribbean and throughout its diaspora.

Rob Perrée’s interview with Charl Landvreugd, “Don’t Talk Black, Do Black”,  is particularly interesting look at an artist embracing a compound identity.  By combining aspects of European and Creole aesthetics, Landvreugd creates a personal style truer to his lived experience.  Landvreugd was born in Paramaribo, Suriname and moved to the Netherlands at the age of four then grew up in Rotterdam until moving to Paris at seventeen.  He has since lived in Amsterdam, Milan, Istanbul,  Cologne and Brussels.  His conversation with Perrée centers around the intricacies, multiplicities and ramifications of the Black European aesthetic.  

Issue 5 addresses also includes the work of Jasmine Thomas-Girvan, Melissa A Calderon, Lawrence Graham-Brown, Vladimir Lucien, Frank Bowling O.B.E, Kervin W. Brisseaux, Nicholaas Porter, Simone Padmore, Robert Charlotte, Malick Sibide, Charlie Phillips and Viviane Sassen under Kenneth Montague and the Wedge Curatorial Projects, Gerardo Chijona, Hew Locke, Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich, Sandra Stephens, Oneika Russell, Deighton Abbott, Jehan Jackson, Nicholas Martin, Shediene Fletcher, Taj Francis, Toorel Asher, Marie Helene Cauvin and Maro M Morisson, who together paint a complex picture of the Caribbean and its diaspora and the evolving identities of artists working at home and abroad.

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—Liz Sales

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