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Renaissance Kunstkabinett Weekend

I have long fantasized about sequestering myself somewhere warm and comfortable, with soft light spilling in through north-facing windows, curled up with copious amounts of Yunnan-base Earl Grey Tea and reading every single issue Cabinet magazine back-to-back. And now I have the Renaissance Kunstkabinett weekend of my dreams ahead of me. A new encyclopedia-size publication will, in the way only a book can, convert my Brooklyn apartment into a chamber of wonders and curiosities.


This is all thanks to Cabinet Books, who, in honor of their tenth anniversary, have published Curiosity and Method: Ten Years of Cabinet Magazine,a mammoth 528-page, 9 x 11.25 inch, illustrated anthology with more than one hundred entries from the first forty issues of the Brooklyn quarterly, most of which are out of print. And as if that were not a delightful enough proposition, the publication offers seven new essays which I’ve never laid eyes on, all on Cabinet-esquethemes such as pleasure, curiosity, collecting, and the everyday.

I’m absolutely giddy to frivolously burrow down into art, history and—as Cabinet so graciously allows it to meet me halfway—science, and feed my non-academic intellectual life a diet of lists and taxonomies and insights and emerge in a world much more magical and not quite as disorderly as it seems now.

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