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by Jason Burstein and Christina Labey 


OFF PRESS features books that have been printed and bound by Conveyor Arts. We specialize in small print runs of artists’ books, zines and other printed matter related to photography. We collaborate closely with artists on all aspects of the book-making process, from concept and design, to the physical object. Our mission is to help artists and small publishers tailor their book project to fit the concept within it. So we thought we’d share some of these amazing projects with you here.

By Dominica Paige 

Words with Pictures is a weekly two-part post that pairs photographers and writers. The first week, a writer is given a photograph to inspire the creation of a new piece of writing. The following week the photographer is given a piece of writing and responds with a new photographic piece. 

Photo by Mónika Sziládi

By Aubrey Hays 

Each week, Aubrey Hays scours the globe in search of photographers who challenge and embrace visual language in new ways. Her posts feature those hidden gems of photography from near, far, here, and there, and push us to think, question, and wander farther.

From Riitta Ikonen’s series Eyes as Big as Plates, 2011