Happenings: Film Screening at 25CPW

In collaboration with the launch of Red Roots Gallery and the Macabre & Mysticism exhibition, Conveyor will be screening a handful of films in the 25CPW Gallery this Saturday Night Only! 

AND, OF THE OTHER, a film by Leif Huron

My parameters are simple… To place one subject on liminal terrain in which the demarcation between wild and domesticated space is not entirely fixed. This film is my provisional framing of an observation of this phenomenon moving through time.

My interest is to explore a narrative strategy that values condition over plotting; to initiate a zone of indeterminacy, images not entirely crystallized, a potentiality of outcomes and sensory [inter] relations not resolved, but strange, mutable and alive.

Saturday will mark the first screening of AND, OF THE OTHER in it’s final state!


Video Projection

Camera+Scenario+Edit: Leif Huron

Main Theme: Jason Millard

Sound Design: toiletooth


aphasiaticisms (x study) by Jeremy Haik

Recently I have been dissecting the physical form of language in the printed word. Using various material and digital means, I remove and alter textual forms from the covers and pages of books. The resulting works take the form of either still or moving images. This process involves a conscious effort to remove the fundamental purpose of textual signs which is to explicitly name the text, author, and ideas contained within. Yet when this fundamental element is removed or obscured there still remains the matter of the book itself. The colors, shapes, images etc. that surround the place where the text resides are not invisible and carry a significant phenomenological and conceptual weight. The work is a move towards understanding exactly where those visual elements are situated within my field of vision as it moves between the physical forms of the book, and as my frame of mind moves between the ideas the text contains. Among my concerns within the work are questions of authorship, archival impulses, the metaphysics of presence, and the misplaced desire for immediate access to absolute meaning.  

Jeremy Haik is an artist and film-maker living in Brooklyn. He is currently pursuing Masters of Fine Art in Photography, Video and Related Media at the School of Visual Arts. His work looks at the slippages and inconsistencies of language through the combination of material and digital practices. His website is { www.haikstudio.com }


Systems, a film by Molly Surno & Colin Sonner

Molly Surno is artist and curator based in Harlem.  Currently she is enrolled in the Visual Arts MFA program at Columbia. She has exhibited her multimedia installations in galleries throughout the country, and is represented by Gasser Grunert Gallery in Chelsea.  Three years ago she founded an avant garde film and live music performance series Cinema 16, which has showcased spaces such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, PS1, and the Kitchen.  Her work has been featured in the New Yorker, New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, NYLON, Filmmaker Magazine, Vice, among others. { www.mollysurno.com }

Colin Sonner is a Brooklyn based director and cinematographer. He has directed short films and music videos and shot for, inter alia, the BBC, PBS, and A&E.  He also holds an MA in Philosophy from Boston University.

Macabre & Mysticism

Exhibition Opening
Saturday, October 29th from 6 – 10pm.

Red Roots Gallery
25 Central Park West
New York, NY 10023

For more information visit: { www.redrootsgallery.com }