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Conveyor Magazine: Spectre // Spectrum

Our sense of wonder and fear is most palpable when our visions are fleeting…  

In the forthcoming issue of Conveyor, we will be searching for moments when the properties of a spectre, that which dissolves from our sight, and a spectrum, a continuum or perfection of vision, overlap and counterbalance each other. The trespassing of these apparitions between the material and immaterial worlds can be equally thrilling and terrifying, amorphous and yet revealing.

We’re looking for absorbing and unexpected sights—phantom or prismatic images, atmospheric phenomena, news from a secret admirer or an absent friend—things that remind us of sidelong glances, illusory dreams, primal discoveries, and ghosts in the machine. They can appear abruptly or be gently delivered; they can range from electrified vision to muted whisper, from stark revelations to those that bleed together.

Image by Andrew Kuo, Because We Think He Is Awesome… 



- 10 jpgs (1000 pixels each on the longest side)
- List of Images (include Title, Year, Media, Dimensions for each image)
- Short statement (150 words) + Artist’s CV



- Proposal (350 words) for an article or essay on the theme of Spectre//Spectrum
- CV and Bio
- Writing Sample

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: May 19th, 2013 at Midnight PST


Dark Matter is the theoretical composition believed to make up most of the universe; it is the unseen, mysterious structure speculated to hold all other matter together. While its foundations are cosmological, dark matter easily traverses the scientific into the ethereal. It points to macabre narratives, dark humor, mysticism, and ancient myth.    
For the fourth issue of Conveyor Magazine, we are seeking photographic and print-based projects, which engage the astronomical questions raised by the concept of dark matter. How do we elucidate the unknown? How do we illustrate an existence with properties that are inferred rather than directly observed? What metaphors stand in place for that which lies outside of our spectrum of perception? 
One must develop an innovative language in attempting to answer these questions in order to shed light on our shifting and uncertain understanding of the universe while also conveying the sheer beauty of the man’s exhaustive quest for discovery and answers, and ultimately a promise revealing a bigger story.
1. Maximum of 10 Images for Publication 
    - 1000px on the Longest Side at 72dpi      - Labeled LastName_FirstName_001.jpg 
2. Brief Project Description [ Relevance to Dark Matter ]3. List of Works [ Title, Year, Media ]4. Artist Resume5. Website [ Optional, but Encouraged ]
Submit the Above Contents in a ZipFile to [ ]
There are only TWO DAYS LEFT TO SUBMIT… Do It. And Spread the Word. Thanks! 

Open Call for Submissions for Issue No. 2 Themed “Mapping”

Last call for submissions for the Autumn 2011 Issue themed “Mapping”. We are seeking various interpretations of the theme including: literal representations of maps, traditional cartography, brain mapping, information mapping, exploration, geography, topologies, mapping the universe and more.

By submitting, your work will be considered for the “Group Show” segment of Conveyor Magazine, as well as for the accompanying exhibition, which will take place at 25CPW in Manhattan this November.

Deadline: Sunday, September 18, 2011.
No Fee For Submission! 
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Photograph by Sophie Barbasch
Featured in Issue No 1. and accompanying exhibition 
Undressing The World.